Family and Couples Therapy

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of your lives. Longitudinal studies demonstrate that our relationships are key influencers of our health, mental health, sense of wellbeing, and our sense of purpose throughout our lives.

Through a number of sessions, partners will gain insight into: 

  • How to deescalate conflict
  • Identify negative cycles
  • Find new and healthier solutions to interpersonal problems


Emotion-focused therapy for families and couples integrates attachment theory with experiential theory and systems theory. Secure attachment refers to our critical need for a safe and mutual bond between partners and parents and their children. Emotion-focused therapy has been shown to be successful in treating interpersonal problems by helping patients explore ways in which they can restructure dysfunctional relationship dynamics.The aim of this approach is to assist families and couples in establishing healthy relationship interactions.


At MindWell Psychology, family and couples counseling sessions last 60-90 minutes. Book an appointment on the phone 401-484-7050 or email